Britain’s New PM: Foreign Policy Hawk Facing Challenges at Home

London – Liz Truss was officially sworn in as Britain’s prime minister on Tuesday, succeeding Boris Johnson, who resigned in July.카지노사이트

At a private meeting with Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II in Balmoral, Scotland on Tuesday, Truss was asked to form a new government. A conference was held in Scotland.

Truss is her 15th Prime Minister appointed by Elizabeth, and he is just her fourth leader of the Conservative Party in seven years.

The Truss meeting took place a few hours after Johnson traveled to Scotland to meet with the monarch.

Truss later returned to London.

In the evening, she outlined the government’s priorities in a televised address outside the Prime Minister’s Office at 10 Downing Street.

energy crisis

Truss served as secretary of state under Johnson. She is considered a foreign policy hawk and has taken a hard line against countries such as Russia and China.

“We are currently facing strong global headwinds due to Russia’s horrific war in Ukraine and the impact of the novel coronavirus,” she said.

… unite with our allies and stand up for freedom and democracy around the world,” Truss said.

But Truss also faces challenges at home.

She pledges to help Britons weather the energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine as gas and electricity prices are expected to rise eightfold in the coming months. .

Referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Truss said she would “proactively address the energy crisis caused by Putin’s war.”

The BBC reported on Tuesday that Truss plans to spend up to $150 billion over the next 18 months to freeze energy bills by providing loans to energy companies.

Details will be announced later this week. Political honeymoons are likely to be short-lived, says John Kampfner, an analyst at Chatham House, a London-based research group.

“90% of their time he has to deal with the domestic political agenda here and now, including economic crises, strikes, health services (crises), huge energy bills and possible social unrest.” he told his VOA, Kampfner.

Despite the costs of dealing with the energy crisis, Truss promised tax cuts.


Truss has also pledged to increase defense spending to his 3% of GDP, which is estimated to cost another $180 billion.

In the meantime, she pledged to continue providing military and humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

The UK has pledged about $3.8 billion so far.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who has made no secret of his desire to keep Boris Johnson in power, welcomed the appointment of Truss as British Prime Minister.

“In Ukraine, we know them well. She has always been on the smart side of European politics. Together we can protect our country and ensure Russia’s destructive efforts.

I believe we can do more to make it fail,” Zelensky said in a video posted online Tuesday. The Ukrainian military has strong support in Britain, according to analyst Kampfner.

“Despite rising energy prices and all the other challenges facing Liz Truss, there are every reason why she is determined to continue with Johnson’s approach and acquire the capital.

You can expect a visit soon to arrange a photo shoot with Zelensky in Ukraine for the .. ”Kempfer said.


As government minister, Truss took a belligerent stance against China. She was closely involved in the decision to ban Chinese telecom company Huawei from joining her 5G network in the UK, citing national security concerns.

“Liz Truss is more hawkish than former Prime Minister Boris Johnson,” Neil Melvin of the Royal United Service Institute told The Associated Press.

She “for example has promised to strengthen China’s threat perception. In this way, China will be perceived as a threat to the UK during her premiership,” she said.바카라사이트


Truss is also committed to enforcing legislation revoking the Northern Ireland Protocol. This was the pivotal Brexit deal Johnson signed with the European Union, avoiding the need for a strict border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. violence.

The European Union has initiated legal proceedings against the British government, he notes Kampfner.

“The worst-case scenario is a full-blown trade war between 27 European countries and the UK. It would be catastrophic by any measure and would add fuel to an already pretty bad economy in the UK. will be,” he said.

special relationship

US President Joe Biden congratulated Truss on Twitter on Tuesday. “We look forward to deepening the special bond between our two countries and working closely together on global challenges, including continuing to support Ukraine in its defense against Russian aggression,” Biden said.

Kampfner said this special relationship has been clouded by ongoing tensions over Brexit.

“Americans, especially the Biden administration, are very cautious about having to choose between the UK and the European Union. They think it’s the wrong choice.”

Priority election?

Britain’s next election is his December 2024. Truss was elected by just over 81,000 Conservatives, a small fraction of the total electorate.

But the truss is unlikely to seek a new mandate from the public through a snap election, Britain’s Alan Weiger told a changing Europe program at King’s College London.

“Conservative polls are at their lowest level in a decade.This makes it very unlikely that a general election will take place, as a majority of the public want it.

We will do everything to avoid being confronted,” Wager told VOA.온라인카지노

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